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February 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, here is the situation:
Initially I have a blog (multiply), which I used mostly to write all sorts of things about me, including posting photos of my activities. It was the age of friendster actually, and the social media was just began to roll.

Then came the Facebook.
with its clean and neat display, and of course its status update, Facebook began to wipe out friendster. I have my photos uploaded on Facebook as well.

Twitter is here.
just tweet it, it’s plain and simple. Twitter is a new wave of information.

What I Want?
Things changed, and I want more. I want to connect my Twitter to my Facebook or the other way around. Most of it is simply because I want all to keep updated.
Facebook is the place where I can find my nice and old friends updates, while Twitter is the new ‘friends’ (most of them actually not friends but more to famous persons or institutions) where I get new insights.

But then my blog is out of date, I realize that if only my status update or my tweets are connected to my blog, I would have an ‘active’ blog like I used to have.


How I Connect Them?
First of all, posting from Facebook to Twitter is impossible (by now), I guess there’s something about Facebook that just won’t open such linkage. However, posting from Twitter to Facebook is easy…! just type Twitter on Facebook search box, then it will take you to a Twitter page (choose the official one), where you just click the ‘go to app‘ box and right away it will ask your permission to link your Twitter to Facebook by just filling your Twitter details. Make sure you tick the box “Facebook Profile” below the app permission to “allow twitter to post update to:” Once you’ve done, your tweets will be your status update on Facebook.

Now, how about blog?
I’ve tried and works just fine with rss feed features on Facebook that shows my blogs update of my Facebook notes. But notes is not status updates, and it’s not real-time (usually took more than one hour to appear on Facebook and never did count actually). It was good enough if I have a lot of blog writings, but I have not, I want to be able to send quick notes from my blog the same as tweets on my Twitter and status updates from Facebook. The point is, I want my blog updated as much as my Twitter and Facebook. The thing is that I just need to find a way for my blog to go to Twitter (as Twitter to Facebook is already solved.)

So I browsed and searched on the issues, tried several ways, such as, etc, all have common problems: automatically you may have to wait a minimum 30 minutes for the blog to be pulled out and sent to Twitter/Facebook. But if you are satisfied with it, then go ahead. They also provide longer period (more than 30 minutesinterval).

Then I found Feedburner from Google, which basically provides a similar service as to Twitterfeed but with extra google analytics to know your stats and many other features and of course it’s Google! A similar problem of 30 minutes waiting is actually still there, the problem is that such services (rss feed) are not in a “push” blackberry-like-service but rather a “pull” service. But here’s the tricky part, the good thing about Google Feedburner is that you can “Ping Feedburner“, which on the websites says: “using this form and we’ll update your feed immediately, instead of on our automatic 30 minute interval.” So, I bookmark the page and made it one of home screen on my Iphone.

Using Google Feedburner is easy, just sign up and fill in your blog address on the feed details. Then you would see several tabs (analyze, optimize, publicize, monetize, troubleshootize), choose publicize and click on the socializemenu. follow the instructions to add your Twitter account and other details as you wish. Click Save and then clik Activate.

Now try it!….
1. go to your blog and make a quick note or blog or whatever….
2. go to Ping Feedburner site (which you already save or bookmark), fill in your blog address and click Ping Feedburner.
3. Check your Twitter and Facebook..! 😀

*still learning more on the analyze, optimize, publicize, monetize, troubleshootize tabs, it’s interesting.



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