Close Call

May 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

I was scheduled to be in Mataram from 2 to 3 May 2008. on the 1st of May, I took of from Soekarno-Hatta Airport as usual. During the flight, there’s no special events took place, as there were no young, pretty stewardress (yes, Garuda Indonesia flight attendants were mostly old mama, if I may say). So, I was sitting in most back seat: 25C, yes I got the aisle (which I prefer, as it’s easier to go to the toilet). next to me, sat two foreigners, which I assume was french, both male, and talk to each other in a very closely face to face conversation. yacks!….

Then, I chose to turn the music on, read some magazine, sleeping. I didn’t watch the comedy video, cause when you fly everyweek to Mataram, you realize it’s the same show! It’s only approximately an hour and 45 minutes of flight, but sometimes you just felt it took so long.

By the time we were near the Selaparang Airport (Lombok), the pilot several times announce: “please fasten your seat belt”..mmh…and then the thing happened, as we landed, the plane JUMP! three times! the first and the second one was the most shocking! it was terrible! I thought that “the pilot owe us an apology!” but then I also thought “I must thank the pilot as he saved us!” well, I didn’t do both anyway. And when I met with office driver (Pak Komang), he said he heard a bump noise moments ago! cranky!

So, I feel, the more often I got to fly, the more nervous I am……but let’s not over reacted, if it crashed, then it’s meant to be.


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