April 24, 2008 § 1 Comment

Today, Thursday 24 May 2008, tomorrow is my day off, this week is my week off as I don’t have to go to Lombok. Yup, I can freely squaring around Jakarta this weekend!. I’ve Just finished my deadline for a job then I’m thinking…..

For a quite lucky 26-year-old man…I’m lost….I feel like lost…..surrounded by things I can’t understand…..things that you just feel and don’t want to talk about. Perhaps it’s the feeling of a quarter life crisis?

The religious part of me is broken down…..my sholat is far much better last year….I don’t read Quran as much as my last couple of years…..Though I prayed every morning before going to work…I feel it’s not enough….I feel the need of more….this demon side of me is taking too much space……and i’m trying to fix it!….So help me God.



§ One Response to Lost

  • Myrna says:

    Dear Kiki,

    Congratulations on feeling lost (Eloh?). It is a good sign that you are going to “naik kelas” (Mario Teguh’s terms :)) as long as you are doing something positive about it.

    Perhaps what you need is counting your blessings (may I state it from my perspective : you have good job, good collegues (like me :)), great opportunities ahead in front of you since you are one the hell of smart guy (hehe). Just make use of it wisely. Ok? I don’t know much about your private life but I think you must have a good family and a lot of good friends (+beautiful & nice girl friend? – buat bahan gosip. Haha). Please add God other blessings yourselve since you know better.

    After counting your blessings, review your future plan and what you are going to do with it. And stay focus. Don’t hesitate to make a change when things don’t go right.

    Bergaulah sama orang-orang yang bisa membantumu bertumbuh dalam hal apapun (karir, agama, pendidikan, dll).

    About religious part of yours, you are the only person who can improve it for yourselve. Just return to the good old habit of yours (reading Quran, praying 5 times a day, morning praying, etc). But this time please return with determination to be more discipline (Well, this actually suits me too. Hehe).

    And the most important of everything is ACTION!! (sorry huruf besar semua. Maklum mau emphasize betapa pentingnya).

    Hope this helps to ease your “lost” feeling. And hope you will finally find the answers.

    Pray a lot to God, berbuat baik pada setiap orang.. dan enjoy the ride of life.

    Have a nice long weekend,

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