March 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

This is the second time i write a blog while waiting in the airport….tomorrow, i’m 26, so  what have i achieved so far? A LOT i assume…i come to realize that life has its own language. i learned that no matter how difficult it is i try to understand, i’ll eventually understood.

one of the stories goes like this: in the past, sometimes when i looked at the skies and saw an aeroplane, i said to myself: “i’ll be in one of those later…”, and surprisingly now, here i am, working back and forth EVERY WEEK FLYING to Lombok, an island rarely think about it…

there you go, one evidence among answers of life…i’ve realized that life never ask, it ANSWERS…either YES or NO. how we accept and live with those answers is what differentiates people. some people ignored, dissapointed, happy, thankful, etc. but no matter how you take it, life keeps moving, it won’t stop (unless you’re dead of course), and it will continue ANSWERING, so WHY STOP ASKING?

yup, i choose to keep asking, whether the answers are no or yes…..but where do we ask which life answers? i draw back of who OWNS LIFE? for me, ALLAH SWT, for others, i don’t know….it’s you’re option, not mine. what i know is that the ABSOLUTE TRUTH does not exist in this life, it’s in the afterlife..

for me again, life is about four main things: RIGHT vs WRONG plus GOOD vs BAD. THAT’s IT!. It’s how we do things right and good which gives us the best score. but there are other things we do which is right but bad, or wrong but good, or the worst which is wrong and bad!

Life is about balance and it’s a basic nature, there will always be variety of those things, and don’t even try to erase one of those as it would be useless, and life will response to each of those things….ALWAYS…until one day it STOPS, WHEN THE STARS FALL…



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