The Millionare Next Doors

January 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

  • Title: The Millionare Next Doors The Surprisin Secrects of America’s Wealthy
  • By: Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko

After reading this wonderful book, I completely see things differently in terms of spending my money. It really gives you the idea of what is rich really means. Another thing that is really good is that it gives me also some pictures of how I want my children to grow strong (in mind) financially.

The book actually is a-research-findings book, how millionares are actually not like what we usually see on tv, you would be surprised to see how ‘real millionares’ lived. Now, after reading the book, I don’t care how fancy other people’s car, house, live the way their lifes…. It really got me interested in reading it through the whole pages. It doesn’t give you difficult financial/investment terms or showing you how you should invest your money, but rather to give you the basis of WHY YOU SHOULD INVEST…..

I actually have the e-book version of it and read it from my -smartphone-, so I really recommend this book for you all to have a new thinking towards SPENDING vs INVESTING. Even someday I’ll ask my children to read this book…..enjoy.



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