Benchmark Visit 11-22 Nov 2007 – Manila – Bangkok

December 10, 2007 § Leave a comment

11-22 November 2007 had become one of the milestone in my life. Having to cope with “pejabat daerah” during the benchmarking visit. at first, i thought that “pejabat daerah’ would be annoying, especially realizing that i was the youngest in the group!! the fear that i would be their bag carrier pop up in my mind, but it all just my imagination. Eventually they were not annoying, in fact they were fun!, as having to spent time together in Philippines and Thailand together, made us all, the delegates, become friends.

lots of fun, lots of knowledge, lots of chaos, those words would be enough to represent my time in Philippines and Thailand.

Philippines, as one of success (although they are still learning) of public health, much that we can learn from them, aside from the similar faces and some same languanges. We had our pleasant time in Manila, South Cotabato, Marikina City “Healthy City”, Polomolok, etc. Philipinos love to eat, so they served and welcomed us very well. High gratitude for them.


Thailand, as one of emerging health tourism country in South East Asia, gave so many lessons for the delegates (including me) of public health system. fantastic food, warm welcoming, we received during our visits in Thailand. All I can say is Thank you very much for the lovely visits.

I can say more as i currently write in my report, but I don’t think it would be necessary, but wait….when my reprot finished, i think i’m gonna publish it…he..he..well, that’s it for now, please do check my profile for more photos….


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